Fighting localized fat

Localized fat is one of the most recurring cosmetic problems which demand greater solution. Commonly happen around abdominal, thighs, buttocks, and arms. When impacts to abdominal, it is not just an aesthetic problem, it can also lead to serious problems.


LPG Endermologie

LPG Endermologie is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment with proven results. It consists of a very relaxing deep mechanized massage that triggers a drainage process elimination of toxins.


Mesotherapy is a minimal invasive technique that apply locally depending on the problem you are treating. This technique indicates area for the treatment of superficial area for superficial treatments such as skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle.

Multipolar Radio Frequency Venus Freeze™

The Radio Frequency Venus Freeze™ is an innovative medical aesthetic treatment that offers two different results. While eliminates the fat and cellulite, it forces the body to counteract sagging obtaining excellent results in skin toning.


DrenaFit is an exclusive VeryClinic product that combines a lymphatic drainage massage with a shaping massage.


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